Akshar Homoeopathic Clinic...
Akshar Homoeopathy has been recognized name in Homoeopathy in Ahmedabad. We established a revolution in Homoeopathic treatment.

Patient satisfaction is our motive. Patients are cured with Ideal cure without any Side effect, which is Rapid, Gentle & Permanent.

Not only treatment but also counseling and proper advice are provided to the patient... A complete knowledge of disease & other required related information about disease are been provided to the patient.

Why Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathic treatment is affordable to every individual. Homoeopathic medicines are usually not so costly than compared to Allopathic and Ayurvedic drugs. There is little stress on costly diagnostic procedures as homeopaths rely on the symptoms to find the right medicine for a person. So the overall cost of treatment is low. One has to think of long-term gains.

Under proper homoeopathic treatment not only the person's immediate complaints improve, but also his/her susceptibility to disease decreases as there is a general improvement in health.

So in the long run, there is better health, less medical consultations and the cumulative cost is very low.So it proves true that "health is the real wealth". Homoeopathy considers the complaints of a patient in totality. It views a person as a whole, as an integrated entity, and not as a mere collection of body parts. So it treats the person as a whole too.

One does not have to visit ten different 'specialists' for ten different body parts. After all, our body is more than a collection of parts! So homoeopathy saves your time, money and health at the same time.

HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES are very effective - in both acute and chronic conditions. Homoeopathy, in fact, is the only system of medicine, which offers curative treatment and not palliative to a large number of chronic ailments, which have been labeled as 'incurable' by other schools of medicine.

In acute ailments also, homoeopathic remedies, if selected properly, give results faster then any other systems of medicine.

Homoeopathic medicines are easy to administer. Homoeopathic medicines are usually dispensed as sweet sugar pills, which are very easy to take. Due to this reason, children readily agree to take homoeopathic medicines..

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